Anonymous said: Hey Nikki could I ask you a sex question?<3

Sure lovey!

Anonymous said: Tbh : you r so pretty and i have been online crushing on you for so darn long... Um i just was to shy to talk to you so here i am... Hi :p um yeh i love you and you r awesome and gorgeous and your personality seems so nice and warm and idk bYE xx<3


Anonymous said: Nikki you're beautiful can I be you please I really want to be you. Like why can't I be you? Or at least can I marry you cause you're gorgeous and lovely bit I ship you with Liam and :(

omg whaaaaaaaaat haha thank you :$

Anonymous said: Hi could you please do a oneshot where Y/N and one of the boys (harry would be just pref, but one of the other boys is just fine) are on a trip through europe in a minivan. and one day they go swimming in a lake and then Y/N teases harry and it starts raining so they run back to the minivan and make passionate sweet love the whole night. And idk, if you could do that, that would be really awesome. It looked better in my head though... :) thanks! 😚

MAYBE i like this one

Anonymous said: You don't have to publish this. I just saw the heat you've been catching on the other blog and it broke my heart. I remember when you wrote sooo many stories before co owning and those lovely tips you gave that have strengthened me and everyone else as writers. You are truly a beautiful person. I hate how on that blog they get mad at you all for sassing anons! Like people can give you shit but you can't say anything back? As if! Hold your head high, Nikki. You made the blog great. I love you x

AW I REALLY SHOULD COME ON THIS BLOG MORE OFTEN i just saw this!! Thank you so much !

- Nikki x

ffixation said: hellooo, could you please do a oneshot about niall and his elevator freakout today? lol he's hyperventilating and everything and of course y/n decides to try to help take his mind off of it (even though the other guys are in there with them) and tells him to like close his eyes and for the guys to face the front of the elevator, and then... sexy time lol a handjob or bj will work. :) also, detailed and a little long would be great. I'd really appreciate it!

I’ve been thinking of doing this!! I’ll try and write it tomorrow night :)

Anonymous said: Request Nikki can YOU do one where Y/N and Harry go out on their first date? THX :)

i COULD do this hahah but i want a request with more of a detailed story line or something :)

spankingtheatre said: Your encouragement of others to get writing is commendable. Sometimes the only thing stopping people from achieving great things is a bit of self-confidence. We should all encourage others when we can, and leave every little corner of the world we touch just that little bit better for our passing. Respect.

Totally made my night! Thank you :)

Anonymous said: You. Are. So. PRETTY.


Anonymous said: Is it weird that I've been following you forever but I didn't know about 1dsexualfrustrations until February and I JUST recently realized you were a co owner and I feel ridiculous

aww haha